The choice is yours by "checking-off" the events you wish to attend and e-mailing the application form. Once your team has been accepted, each event will send you a letter of confirmation and correspond with you directly on all arrangements for your team at their event.

We will offer our talented sculptors the convenience of being able to travel free from Sarnia to Frankenmuth.

Each event will provide transportation to and from their airports. Detroit Metro Airport, London & Sarnia Airport. Meals and accommodation will be provided during the competition dates by each of the events.

If your sculpting team has never competed at any of our events, and would like more detailed information, please e-mail us or call the number listed by each event.
Registration is limited so please confirm as soon as possible.

Help us make these events fun and entertaining by joining us at our Events!

See you in January 2012!
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North South Passage - International Snow Sculpting Competitions